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Findery adds meaning to the map with your stories

Findery gives places meaning with your stories and secrets

Findery adds meaning to the map with your stories and secrets

Findery is a new app that wants to give places meaning. Building on the established idea of rating and recommendation apps, Findery takes a more personal approach, giving its users the freedom to pair locations with stories.

The brainchild of Katerina Fake – co-founder of Flickr – Findery is a new take on an idea that’s been exhausted during the past decade. When recommending a place, the app lets users add little bits of history, personal experience or even gossip, giving each place different levels of meaning.

The app essentially recreates the map as we know it, allowing users to help us see the world through a multilayered lens. Posts to Findery can vary in lengths between a tweet and a blog post, operating a clean and simple interface to create a library of human facts, experiences and stories.

In an interview with Street Fight, Fake talked about the idea behind her newest venture: “There’s a ton of software out there about ratings and recommendations, and how to find a restaurant in this town. I think can say with confidence that the problem of ‘finding a restaurant in this town’ has been solved — many times over.”

Findery creates a community where people can search for stories, secrets and hidden gems as an alternative to search engines that have already covered the cold hard facts. It’s one of the cases where technology is pushing us to engage with our surroundings rather than alienate ourselves from real life.

So, if you find the idea as exciting as we do download the app and immerse yourself in a network where your story demands to be heard.

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