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FIXD sensor make sure your car is ‘fit’

Keep your car 'fit' with this amazing sensor-app combo

Keep your car ‘fit’ with this amazing sensor-app combo

We know that when the ‘check engine’ light is on something is wrong with our car. But what exactly is wrong with it?

The FIXD sensor translates your ‘Check engine’ light. By plugging it directly into your dash it will automatically connect with your smartphone to send notifications when problems with your engine arise. If you do not posses the car mechanic lingo do not be afraid since the app will provide you with a summary of the problem in simple terms. Not only will the app give a break down of the problem but it will also provide you with available solutions.

The app allows you to have control over multiple cars and it even lets you know when it’s time to service them by keeping a log of your previous visits.

“Our device is powered by the car, so there is no battery,” said John Gattuso, the founder of FIXD, in an interview with Mashable. “It will last as long as your car battery will last.”

This inventive app-sensor combo takes driving to another dimension, touching upon issues of security and performance. FIXD identifies problems that the human eye could miss. When going to the mechanic you won’t ask for a problem diagnosis but merely a repair of what the sensor has already determined as defective. The next step for the app is to actually calculate the costs of extra parts and the manual labour of fixing arising┬ámalfunctions.

“For the repair estimate we are going to initially talk to mechanics about the time required for certain fixes and part costs,” Gattuso added, “but as our user base grows we would like to crowdsource that information from the actual experience of users.”

FIXD is part of a Kickstarter campaign and costs $30. Estimated delivery for backers is April 2015.

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