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Future Tech: 

Flying robot orchestra plays the hits

If you’re a parent considering which musical instrument to buy your child, you may want to think again…the robots are coming.

Yes, if this video evidence from KMel robotics is anything to go by, drones will soon be invading the top 40 and inevitably replacing the human bands that we once loved. After all, who needs OK Computer when you can listen to an actual computer? Why waste your time with the costumed robotics of Daft Punk when you can hear the real thing.

Hmm. Just how good are this robot orchestra?

Better than you might expect. Considering that this is literally the first robot band we’ve ever heard – we’re impressed. You can’t expect a debut to sound fully formed, after all.

Beginning with a seamless rendition of the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey, the flying robots perform a medley of hits including Carol of the Bells and a nightmarish version of Star Spangled Banner. The guitar sound in the latter will haunt your sleep, but we’re placing the blame squarely with the robot technician.

Music videos are fine, but you can’t beat live music

It’s your lucky day, then – at least if you live near Washington. The KMel Robotic orchestra will be performing live shows at the USA Science & Engineering Festival on April 26-27, promising to perform their YouTube hits as well as more songs. We can only speculate what other cover songs might make the setlist – but speculate we will. I Believe I Can Fly? Flying Without Wings? Suggestions welcomed in the comments section.

For more robotic hits, watch the KMel orchestra performing the theme from James Bond below.

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