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Future Tech: 

The new hub of your home is a fridge magnet


Fridge magnets aren’t usually found at the cutting edge of technology – reserved for tacky souvenir stands or last-minute holiday mementos. Until now at least, anyway,

Triby is a new smart gizmo from French company Invoxia, re-imaginging the fridge magnet as the new hub of your home. At best, fridge magnets we’ve owned might hold a picture in place or open a bottle of beer, but this one can receive messages, make calls, display drawings and even provide your soundtrack from one simple, centralised unit.

While not so different to a number of other smart home gadgets and bluetooth speakers already on the market, Triby stand out by combining their most useful features and positioning itself in the heart of your kitchen.


Making calls with Triby is both easy and free, using your home’s WiFi connection or syncing to your smartphone via bluetooth. You can also send texts or change the welcome message remotely on the magnet’s e-ink display – just make sure it’s synced up with the dedicated app.

As for music, Triby has a pair of 4-watt speakers built-in which can be connected to your phone’s music player or used for both FM and internet radio. The sound quality is unlikely to be world-conquering, but the custom acoustic cavity means it’s not bad either. In fact, we’d go as far to say it’s the best-sounding fridge magnet we’ve ever heard.

Invoxia announced Triby at this week’s CES conference, but you won’t be able to get your hands on it until mid-2015. The gadget has a suggested retail price of $199, with full details over at the Invoxia website.

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