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Future Tech: 

Control your PC with these glove controls


Smartphones and wearables have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, but comparatively, desktop computers are stuck in the dark ages. Sure, they’re faster, thinner and sleeker than ever, but you still operate them with a keyboard and mouse, which was the same 30 years ago. Isn’t it about time we found a better way?

Gest (pronounced “jest”) could be it. It’s essentially a pair of gloves that you slip on and use to operate your computer. It’s filled with accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers – which you’d find in any smartphone or smartwatch – that help it work out where your fingers are, then sends your actions to a PC or mobile device using Bluetooth.

Your gestures are assigned to controls – so a double tap of your index finger could open a folder, say. When it launches, it will work with Adobe Photoshop, and will let you adjust control sliders, add layers and change brush sizes without resorting to a mouse. It could also be a huge boon for virtual reality, as it lets you type in the air. (Because nothing yanks you out of your virtual world like scrabbling blind for your real-world keyboard.)

It’s more advanced than previous attempts at glove controllers because it’s lighter, and it doesn’t try to collect and sift through as much complex data as others. Who knows, if it proves a success it could be the shot in the arm that virtual reality needs to become mainstream.

It’s a crowdfunding project at the moment – if it hits its $100,000 funding goal, it’ll ship in November next year. The early bird gets you one for $99, otherwise it’s $200 a hand.

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