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Future Tech: 

Glance transforms your old watch into a smartwatch


Are you in need of a smartwatch but you like the watch you already have too much? Glance could be just the gizmo for you.

Glance is a smartwatch accessory that brings any old wristwatch up to date, designed to fit snugly between the strap and your wrist. It comes in three sizes – it’s very light and discreet and is made out of aluminium.

The device comprises of three main functions, which involve activity tracking, phone notifications and motion control for your computer.

Glance will notify users about incoming calls and messages and give them the option to reply quickly with a pre-programmed message. Additionally, the device can be used to help you find a missing smartphone and can even block unwanted calls.

Glance uses a scanning technology called Spritz, allowing operators to read up to 450 words in 60 seconds.

‘A single full colour LED lets you be notified when an email, text message or group message comes in. Three white LEDs show you how many messages have queued up for your email, phone calls or instant messages,’ remarked the company.

‘Use your hand as a pointer on your screen to control your mouse. Make a simple thumb tap gesture with your fingers to simulate a click when using the air mouse mode,’ the company added.

The watch accessory will work in combination with an app for iPhones and Android handsets and the company said it might work on a Glance version for Blackberry and Windows Phones in the near future.

Later editions may also be enhanced with a microphone and speaker so that more functions can be added.

As part of a Kickstarter campaign, Glance costs from $70CAD (£38) plus shipping, and is expected to be ready in October.

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