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Google’s virtual reality headset is made of cardboard


Don’t throw away that old pizza box! Enjoy virtual reality on a budget

Following the I/O keynote, Google dropped their newest solution to an insanely expensive virtual reality headset – and it’s made from cardboard.

Introducing the aptly named Google Cardboard, an app that turns Android smartphones into Virtual Reality (VR) headsets with the aid of Google’s very own DIY cardboard viewer.

It was announced at Google I/O that everyone would get ‘Cardboard’, in a tone that was either genius deadpan or deadly serious. As conference goers shuffled out of the room, Google staffers were indeed handing out parcels of corrugated cardboard. Users were pleasantly surprised to find that the piece of cardboard could be transformed into a VR viewer with an accompanying app.

The app allows users to watch YouTube, take a virtual tour on Google Street View or virtually trek the Himalayas on Google Earth.

Google put together a very helpful (and well designed) how-to guide to putting together the cardboard viewer, which uses Velcro, magnets and lenses.


For those that didn’t attend the Google I/O, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can actually make Google ‘Cardboard’ at home. Gather some corrugated cardboard (get that pizza box out of the recycling), magnets, Velcro and a rubber band and you’re all set. You’ll also need an Android phone with Android 4.2 or above.

Although not a project to be a leader in the VR realm, many have tipped their hat to Google’s ‘Cardboard’, a virtual reality headset that is more just for fun rather than garnering huge profits.

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