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This Google Glass app knows just how angry you are

google glass

Feeling sad? We’re afraid the computer says otherwise

Feeling suspicious of people wearing Google Glass in public? You’re not alone. Now, thanks to a new application from Fraunhofer, Glass wearers can not only put you on edge but also read just how uncomfortable they’re making you.

The glassware technology, dubbed SHORE (Sophisticated High-speed Object Recognition), is an app that’s capable of measuring basic human emotions, as well as discerning information about age and gender. The technology was ‘trained’ to understand facial expressions by being exposed to more than 10,000 annotated faces.

For Glass wearers, SHORE could be implemented in real-time so that information about the person you’re talking to appears superimposed next to their face. The app reads a range of emotions including ‘happy’, ‘sad’, ‘angry’ and ‘surprised, and it’s also capable of scanning multiple faces for information simultaneously.

So, why does this exist?

On first glance SHORE seems pointless at best, and at worst something much creepier. However, there’s more to Fraunhofer’s app than meets the eye.

The company says that the technology could be used as a communication aid for those with disabilities. Sufferers of autism, for instance, may use SHORE to help identify emotions more easily, while the visually impaired could also benefit if it was supplemented by additional audio information.

There could be commercial uses too, “By taking advantage of the additional capability to determine someone’s gender or estimate their age, the software could be used in other applications such as interactive games or market research analyses,” said the researchers.

The SHORE app is not yet available for download, but stay tuned to GoExplore for any development on how Fraunhofer plans to implement its technology.

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