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Future Tech: 

Ember is the mug that keeps your coffee warm


You’ll never burn your tongue again.

We’re all busy people, so it can be easy to forget about your cup of coffee and let it go cold. But not with the Ember mug. Just twist the base dial and it warms up. You can even adjust it from your phone.

The dial on the base rotates, so just turn it right or left to warm it or cool it respectively. The small LED readout even shows you the current temperature. If you get called into a meeting and leave your drink behind, you can control the mug remotely using the app on your phone. You can set presets for different drinks, and select the frequency and types of notifications you’d like to receive – maybe you want to know if it dips below a certain temperature, for example. You can even name your mug!

The average serving temperature for coffee is 160 degrees Fahrenheit, but the average preferred drinking temperature is around 135 degrees. Set Ember to that temperature – or another, if you prefer – and your drink will stay drinkable for hours.

The advantages are obvious. You won’t burn your mouth again, as you’ll get a notification when your coffee reaches a drinkable temperature. And you can have each drink exactly as you like using the presets.

It’s already surpassed its crowdfunding target on Indiegogo. If you’re quick, you can pick one up for $109, which is cheaper than the standard retail price of $149. It’ll start shipping in April.

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