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Future Tech: 

Homey lets you talk to your house

Homey-home-automation (2)

Homey, I’m home!

Smart houses are no longer a pipe-dream reserved for Hollywood sci-fi – with the latest apps, you’re never more than a few clicks away from handling the house lights or opening your garage door.

What could possibly top that? Well, how about if those apps responded to your voice? Or, even better, how about if you could talk to the house yourself.

Via Homey, you can not only communicate with an array of devices in your house through speech, but the product can also familiarize itself with your habits and attempt to predict your next move.

The designers of Homey introduce their ball-shaped product on Kickstarter;

Homey can perform a range of helpful tasks – it’s there to greet you when you get home, adjust the lights for you, have the thermostat set to your desired level and your favorite music playing in the background.

When you need to wake up, Homey can open your curtains or blinds, play your favorite song stereo and read your e-mails to you. Homey can’t make coffee but it can activate your coffee machine to start preparing it once you wake up.

Through the Homey app you can pre-heat your oven on your way back from the supermarket. If you have a smart fridge, your grocery-shopping list is sent to you. Even if you’re leaving the house, Homey will tell you if it’s going to rain and remind you to take an umbrella.

Homey already works with a large selection of devices, and aims to extend the list for many more. Having surpassed its €100,000 target, backers won’t have to wait long to try it for themselves.

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