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Future Tech: 

The helmet sensor that calls for help if you crash

Get outdoors with peace of mind

Get outdoors with peace of mind

Cycling, skiing, back country travel or motor sports all involve a fair amount of fun, adrenaline and danger. To help manage the danger factor we present you with the ICEdot Crash Sensor.

Invented by SenseTech LLC of Denver, Colorado, this small gizmo can be installed on your helmet and is paired with your phone through an app.

If an accident during your escapades renders you unable to use your phone to notify your friends and family about your unfortunate state, chances are you won’t get the help you need in time, or even if you do, your loved ones will have to meet you at the hospital. This little yellow button solves that problem.

When you hit the ground, the ICEdot sensor is activated and triggers an alarm. You have between 15 seconds and two minutes, depending on your preference, to turn it off (for those times when you just drop your helmet). If you don’t turn it off, ICEdot informs pre-determined emergency contacts about the location of your crash through a GPS tracker. The sensor comes with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery and can run for approximately 20 hours.

The app not only informs your emergency contacts in the case of an accident but also offers the option to track your entire journey.

By setting up an online account you can add your contact information, insurance provider, and any relevant medical history. By doing so you make sure that in case of an accident both the medical staff that will attend you, as well as your emergency contacts, have all the necessary information to act efficiently and effectively.

You can also choose the means by which your emergency contacts are notified about the event, including choices like text message, email or phone call.

At $149 for the sensor you might think it’s a bit pricy, but that’s a small price to pay when it comes to your health and safety. Stay active and stay safe!

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