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Future Tech: 

This app will judge your Instagram food habits

One calorie... two calories... man, this is taking forever.

One calorie… two calories… man, this is taking forever.

For the most part, Google’s innovations have made our lives demonstrably happier places, but that run of form looks set to come to a killjoy-ing end in the form of an app that can tell how many calories your food photos contain.

It doesn’t include a tutting sound effect, but we imagine that’s implied.

It’s called Im2Calories, which seems like a gross underestimate to us, though we don’t dare measure the nutritional content of Go Explore. Anyway, the app was demonstrated by Google research scientist Kevin Murphy last week and could accurately count the calories in an egg, a slice of toast or a rasher of bacon all from a single photo.

You may argue that pieces of bacon can drastically differ in calorie count, but the technology takes this into account, analyzing the bacon against the size of the plate. So expect to see your favorite Instagram foodies begin to use oversized novelty crockery in future.

Im2Calories doesn’t even need a particularly good or high resolution snap, so don’t think applying a nightvision filter will save you the judgy shame. Our best advice is to munch it all down before anyone can grab their phone.

If you’re guiltily eying up your lunch and concerned that Google will soon be judging you, you may not need to worry. There’s no guarantee Im2Calories will ever see the light of day, but the patented technology could be utilized elsewhere in the not-so-distant future.

“If we can do this for food, that’s just the killer app,” Murphy told Popular Science. “Suppose we did street scene analysis. We don’t want to just say there are cars in this intersection. That’s boring. We want to do things like localize cars, count the cars, get attributes of the cars, which way are they facing. Then we can do things like traffic scene analysis, predict where the most likely parking spot is.”

Of course, after using Im2Calories for its original purpose, any right thinking person will have decided to ditch the car and jog from A to B anyway, so you should find that spotting parking spots is that little bit easier.

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