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The return of the laser razor (courtesy of Indiegogo)


The controversial Laser Razor from Skarp Technologies is back on the startup market just days after being kicked off of Kickstarter, courtesy of the website’s rival Indiegogo.

For anyone that doesn’t know the story behind the Laser Razor (yes an actual razor blade that removes facial hair using a laser beam), it appeared on Kickstarter last month amassing over $750,000 worth of funding in just the first week.

However, the campaign was booted off Kickstarter over concerns over its legitimacy – despite the fact that it had over $4 million in funding. Kickstarter claimed that Skarp was “in violation of our rule requiring working prototypes of physical products that are offered as rewards”. As a result, the funding was stopped and it was made clear that those who backed the product would not be charged for their pledges.

Skarp then looked towards Indiegogo to list the Laser Razor, where it’s since nearly doubled its target, raising more than $275,000. Their Facebook page offered more of a reassuring message to its fans, telling them ‘not to worry’ and that a working laser razor will available in the spring.

In an email to Mashable, the company stated, “We’ve been incredibly clear from the start that our prototype is exactly that. To produce the shaving results we discuss in our presentation, we require a high performance precision manufactured fiber. We have taken our prototype as far as we can before mass production and that is why we are on Indiegogo.”

So far, the Laser Razor seems to be going strong on Indiegogo and, if you believe the many messages of optimism from Skarp, it seems as though this product still stands a chance. If you want to see how the Laser Razor supposedly works then check out the video below, and then take your worries, doubts or support to the comment section.

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