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Uber to color code cars


The days of hunting for your taxi amongst a crowd of cars could soon be over thanks to another innovation from Uber.

Designed to prevent embarrassing car mix-ups and ensure an even more seamless service, SPOT is a brand new solution that uses color coding to match drivers with their passengers quickly and efficiently.

So how does it work? After requesting your ride in the app, Uber will prompt you to select one of six colors. Once your driver arrives, the SPOT light strip in their windshield will glow in your chosen color. And if they’re parked across the street, passengers can press and hold down on a color to light up their phone screen to make it easier for the driver to find them.

Uber users are familiar with receiving information about their ride, such as an image of their car and driver, but this new concept will make it quicker for drivers and passengers to find each other in a crowd.

Given that the company don’t have a uniform fleet of cars and that their drivers aren’t required to place an Uber placard inside their vehicle, this latest experiment will help both drivers and passengers find each other.

Not only is this new feature practical and pretty, it’s also going to make life much easier for those who’ve had a drink or two. After all, it’s undoubtedly much easier to spot a brightly colored light strip than read a license plate in the dark.

SPOT is currently being tested in Seattle, where Uber have provided a handful of drivers with the new hardware. If it proves successful in preventing mix-ups, then the feature could be illuminating a car near you soon.


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