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Future Tech: 

Your Instagram snaps as a book every month


A lovely photo of a tyre…and all your other Instagram snaps sent to you as a book

Technically, preserving memories should be easier than ever. We have cameras in our phones, cameras in tablets and cameras in computers – but with so many photos being snapped every day, keeping them organised is another matter.

But what if all the photos you uploaded to Instagram were sorted for you? Not just sorted, but printed out and lovingly bound into a photo album every month? Well, now somebody is offering exactly that, with photo subscriptions service

How does it work? 

The concept couldn’t be simpler. Once you’ve signed up for an account, just continue taking photos as you would and will take care of the rest. There are a few different packages available, so subscribers can opt for either a book every month or every quarter if they prefer.

Uploaded a photo that you don’t want included in your photo album? Simply include the hashtag #noBTM. What if you don’t take enough photos to justify a photo album? If you take less than 20, then Books.ToMe will send you 5×5 frame ready prints instead.

Read more about and subscribe for your photo albums today at the company’s website.

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