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Instant Lab: Digital to Polaroid in seconds

Instant Lab

Impossible…Or is it?

With ‘throwback’ and ‘vintage’ being all the rage – now there’s a way to turn your digital pictures into classic polaroid photographs thanks to a German-based creative group.

The Impossible Group have created Instant Lab, a box-shaped device capable of turning user’s photographs into analog photographs…instantly.

The project is a result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, working alongside the Impossible Project iOS app, which is free to download from the app store. Using the app users are able to crop, edit and change the exposure times of their chosen image. The Instant Lab itself resembles a camera more than a printer, and works by using light, optics and chemicals in order to expose analog pictures from phone to polaroid.

Instant Lab

Simply slide your way to polaroid glory

After editing the image, pull the Instant Lab tower out until it clicks and place your phone face-down on the top. A light signal tells you to pull out the the slide at the bottom as the app exposes the image onto the film. Then just close the slide, push the button and watch as your polaroid-like image develops right in front of your eyes.

The app works along with all Impossible film skins, and the Impossible Instant Lab itself will set you back £129 and can be purchased from the Impossible shop. What are you waiting for? Time to roll back the years with Instant Lab.

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