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Finally, an iOS keyboard that lets you draw your texts


DrawType is for when words simply won’t do

Apple took its time giving developers the keys to its keyboard, but since the launch of iOS 8 we’ve been inundated with third-party options for typing texts. First there was Swype for typing with predictive gestures, then came separate keyboards for GIFs and Emojis, and now you can sketch out messages yourself with DrawType.

Developed by Theo Watson, DrawType gives you access to simple drawing tools within the Messages app – just tap the globe icon from your standard keyboard and you’ve got a blank canvas to draw whichever object, idea or abstract masterpiece you felt the need to communicate. Keep in mind, though, that there’s a very limited range of colors and styles, so there’s no need to go overboard here. Think of it more like the simple sketches you scrawl over photos on Snapchat rather than the outlet for your artistic masterpiece. draw-type-keyboard-PizzaGifMed

Available on iTunes for $0.99, DrawType is not Watson’s first stab at app development either. As noted by Wired, he was part of the F.A.T. Lab team behind Eyewriter, which helped people with ALS to draw with their eyes. He also built Noisy Typer, a software that plays typewriter sounds as you write on your laptop, and AutoSmiley, which uses computer vision to upload smilies when you grin in real-life.

DrawType could be his best app yet, if only for its sheer simplicity. While previously you could draw something in another drawing app and paste it into your message, DrawType holds everything under one roof making it easier than ever to share your drawings when words simply won’t do. Watson also plans to expand the app so you can upload GIFs and draw on top of imported images.

To start playing around with DrawType, download it now from iTunes.

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