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iPhone gizmo can send smells

Imagine opening a text from an admirer and being wafted with the scent of sweet perfume; or opening a message from an enemy and being hit with the smell of… well, let’s just say, something not so nice. An iPhone accessory is about to make these imaginings a reality.

ophone body

Receive or send up to 300,000 aromas

The oPhone is a device that connects to iPhones and contains scent chips, meaning you can send and receive up to 300,000 different smells. According to reports from Sky News, it’s due to hit the Indiegogo crowdfunding site on June 17.

How does this contraption work?

Users will be able to download a free companion app for their iPhone called oSnap, which allows you to tag an image with an aroma from a list of scents. There are 32 different smells, but combining them gives the possibility of up to 300,000. Four scent chips will set you back $20 and the gadget itself is tagged as $150.

ophone body2

What scents would you send? What smells like victory to you?

The oPhone is the creation of Harvard professor David Edwards. You may remember him from such inventions as edible packaging (imagine a whole tub of ice cream in packaging that you could munch as well) and inhalable caffeine and chocolate.

Public demonstrations of the technology will take place in Paris in June at Le Laboratoire, founded by Edwards (the laboratory, not Paris) in 2007.

What scent would you send?

The top three scents we’d like to receive are: 1 – Freshly baked bread upon waking; 2 – freshly cut grass while stuck on the subway; 3 – bacon, at any time of day, forever. Let us know your choices in the comments section.

Photo 1: TechCrunch
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