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Future Tech: 

Your bedroom in the future could look just like this

bedroom of the future

Only if you want it to, of course.

It might look like the dancefloor of a trendy city centre nightclub, but the lurid purple concept above is in fact a vision of your future bedroom. If the designers at Betta Living are to be believed, it’s also arriving sooner than you think.

Before you recoil away in disgust, you should know that the lighting, floor and, well, just about everything else can be altered to match your taste. Something more neutral perhaps? You’ve got it. What’s important is the technology underneath that neon glow, which could have a radical impact on the space in which you rest your head.

Barry Rourke, marketing director for Betta Living, commented: “Our bedroom of the future is all about multi-functionality to make the most of space, fabulous design and making home comforts even more sophisticated […] There are so many exciting things being developed our problem designing the bedroom of the future was what to leave out.”

We’ve taken a closer look at this vision below, adding a few other notable developments in bedroom tech for good measure. So, here’s what you should know about your bedroom of the future.

Your mirror is your style advisor

Your future bedroom is not so much about welcoming unfamiliar gizmos and gadgets into your home, but repurposing existing staples by giving them new functions. This technological overhaul starts with the mirror on the front of your wardrobe door, which becomes a smart interface to help you choose what to wear. Science fiction books and movies have been dreaming up this kind of technology for years, but it comes a step closer to reality with the latest development and research from Code Computerlove.

The concept is a mirror which not only displays what’s in your wardrobe, but allows you to quickly model outfits by superimposing images of your clothes onto a life-size video of your body. The mirror will also pull in external information like the weather forecast, hopefully stopping you from walking out the door in shorts while a patch of ominous rain clouds awaits just over the horizon.

Windows are getting smarter

Your bedroom mirror isn’t the only surface that’s getting smarter – windows too could soon be altered to give you any view that you desire. Don’t worry, you can still revert to the one you’ve got, but technology already in development has shown how a ‘smart window’ can be set to adjust according to the time of day and even be turned into a giant screen to watch TV or browse the web. At this January’s CES tech convention, Samsung showed off an early prototype offering a glimpse at how that might work;

Beds and bedding designed for you

While Betta Living’s concept for ‘floating’, foldaway beds will no doubt appeal to those living in cramped city-centre apartments, perhaps more intriguing is the future of bedding. Getting the room temperature just right can be a case of constant fiddling with the thermostat, propping open windows and leaving doors ajar – but what if your bedding responded to your body temperature? Sheets and duvets of the future could monitor your body temperature and use heating and cooling systems to keep you comfortable.

Beyond temperature, a successful Kickstarter last year is pledging to take the chore out of making your bed in the morning. It might not be the most high-tech of solutions, but this is a future we could buy into;

Alternatives to sleeping pills

If you’re worried that having so much technology in your room will make it harder to get to sleep, then you’ll pleased to learn that’s being covered too. As well as the many smartphone apps designed to help us wake-up in comfort, there are also new gadgets like Sense – an orb-like sleep tracker that monitors your behaviour and wakes you up gently at the peak of your sleep cycle.

If you’re having trouble drifting off in the first place – and you’d rather not rely on sleeping tablets – then there’s an orb for that too. LightSleeper describes itself as a “natural” sleep aid, projecting soft light onto the ceiling to lull you into a slumber.

A robot to keep it clean

Finally, what bedroom of the future would be complete without a robot to keep it clean? While Roomba has been leading the way in robo-hoovers so far, we’ve been more impressed by their DJ skills than their cleaning effectiveness. If anyone is likely to take cleaning robots into the mainstream, though, it’s Dyson, who announced their entry to the market with the 360 Eye earlier this year.

Okay, so it’s not as ‘robot-y’ as Jibo or Pepper, but just look at it go!

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