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Future Tech: 

Kablam is an invincibility shield for your smartphone


With Kablam, your iPhone can withstand the weight of a car

Kablam! That’s not usually a word that you want to hear around your iPhone, but a new screen protector under that name could soon make your cherished device indestructible – and put your mind at rest.

Kablam is a specialised polymer screen protector just 0.26mm in thickness, but its strong enough to keep your phone safe from the deadliest of drops and spills. It can even withstand a hammer hit or the weight of a car. Don’t believe us? See for yourself in the demonstration below;

The protector features multiple layers of anti-shock absorption to keep your smartphone from harm. It’s also transparent, anti-fingerprint and completely scratch-proof.

Kablam is fully customisable – not only fit for smartphones of all shapes and sizes, but also for a watch, tablet or MP3 player.

Kablam is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, but has already smashed through its $3,000 target with 55 days to go. At the time of writing the invincibility shield has raised nearly $4,000.

Prices will vary according to product, but early-bird smartphone protectors were selling for as little as $7. Hop over to the Kablam Kickstarter to pledge or place your pre-order today.

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