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KeyMe: Now you can copy keys with an iPhone


With every innovation in tech comes an unforeseen risk. That is exactly the case for KeyMe, a key copying app for iPhone that is more ‘break-in’ than breakthrough.

KeyMe is the iPhone app that was designed to turn your keys into a variety of novelty shapes and sizes, examples including a bottle opener or Kanye West’s head, if you’re into that sort of thing. The way it works is you take a photo of the key and upload it onto the KeyMe server. From here the key can be printed using a 3D printer at a local KeyMe kiosk for ease of collection. Voila, a replica key service that means you’l never have to stay locked out of your house ever again…or at least, that’s the idea.


No soda or snacks… Just keys.

The problem is that it’s all to easy for someone to get hold of your keys and snap a photo of them, thus giving them the power to print the key to your house, car or anything else you may hold dear to your heart that requires unlocking.

Despite the dangers, KeyMe CEO, Greg Marsh, told Wired, “We have all this accountability and data that doesn’t exist when you make keys with traditional methods. If a key was found to be used maliciously, we have a clear path to find out who was responsible.”

Nonetheless this method of copying another’s key seems a little too easy, and once again sinister minds have managed to find a way to turn innovative genius into paranoid risk.

A 2009 project called Sneakey showed keys can be reproduced from photographs taken from nearly 200 feet away and at an angle. As ever then, the message is to hold on to your keys and keep them out of sight – especially as technology evolves to put you in danger.

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