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5 Kickstarters to watch in May 2015


Pinch, punch, first of the month, it’s time to round-up the best Kickstarters to watch this May. As ever, there are thousands of hopeful campaigns vying for your pledges – from games and comics to drones and, well, just about everything else. To save you trawling through the depths of Indiegogo, then, we’ve found five of the best for your crowdfunding scrutiny.

The 5 best Kickstarters this month

1. Night Terrors

Night Terrors is an Indiegogo campaign with a very simple yet lofty goal; to make the scariest game ever made. As we wrote last year, Oculus Rift is promising to up the ante when it comes to scary gaming, and we’re now beginning to see the fruits of developers’ labor. Night Terrors is a survival horror that works using augmented reality, meaning it takes place in your own house or apartment, but with added ‘terrors’ designed to frighten the living daylights out of you.

The good news is that you can take the Rift off at any time, but the problem with this is that you’ll still be in your home, right where the action happens. Try to remember, then, there’s a scientific explanation for everything.

See the campaign on Indiegogo.

2. Flyte

In case you missed our story earlier this week, Flyte is a levitating lightbulb that not only looks cool, but will also act as an inductive charger to keep your phone full of juice. Like Night Terrors, Flyte’s creator Simon Morris has a fairly lofty ambition, promising to “set the lightbulb free”. Whether or not you buy in to the rhetoric, though, you have to admit it would make a neat addition to your bedside table.

See the campaign on Kickstarter.

3. The unstainable white shirt

Admittedly, Flyte is more style than substance, but here’s a product with both qualities in abundance. The unstainable white shirt is basically exactly what you think it is – a wardrobe staple available in a number of different styles – from ‘The White’ to ‘The Liz Lemon’ – but, most importantly, completely protected from even the clumsiest of customers.

How does it do this? Well, the shirts use nanotechnology, which means they’re treated with a layer of tiny unstainable fibres that act as barrier between your clothes and whatever condiment you decide to spill on them. So, whether it be sweat, coffee, ketchup or cooking juices, you can be as careless as you like and be confident it will wipe clean.

See the campaign on Kickstarter.

4. Bruno, the world’s first smart can

Next in the seemingly never-ending queue of “The world’s first smart [blank]”, is the world’s first smart trash can. So, what’s so smart about it? The bin is synced up with a dedicated smartphone app, ordering new bags when you’re all out, and reminding you take out the trash on the right day. Bruno (That’s its name, for some reason) also has a vacuum hidden in its base, meaning you can sweep the floor without getting on your hands and knees and have your smart trash can suck up all the dirt.

See the campaign on Kickstarter.

5. Ira

Lastly, this month’s round-up ends just how it began – with a game. That’s about the only similarity between the two though, as Ira opts for a classic point-and-click style adventure, complete with beautiful game art and an imaginative narrative. In fact, there are sort of three narratives going on at once, telling the story of Ira as a child dreaming of space travel; a lost space crew; and the present day Ira who’s been sent to find them. We can’t wait toget lost in it ourselves.

See the campaign on Kickstarter.

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