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Kids react to old computers…and they’re not impressed

What is it?

Today’s tech-savvy kids think they know it all. Raised on MacBooks and iPads, tweens not only know how to download and use their own apps, but they’re even learning to program them.

How, though, would those same kids react when faced with a 1970s Apple Mac? Find out in the latest video from The Fine Bros‘ YouTube channel.

Why do we like it?

      • It’s easy to take technology for granted, but watching this group of kids react to a floppy disk puts into perspective just how far we’ve come. After the initial struggle of, errr, turning the computer on, the children are told that it can’t access the internet. “That’s mind-blowing,” says one kid.
      • Kids React to Old Computers is only the latest in a series of similar videos on The Fine Bros YouTube channel. So, once you’re done watching, perhaps you’ll want to try Kids react to walkmens or Elders react to twerking. A selection of our favorites are featured above.
      • As well as its ‘React’ videos, The Fine Bros host a variety of other great shows on their YouTube channel – try Emo Dad and Last Moments of Relationships.

One to watch

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      Ahh, well spotted Aryeh – that’s now been corrected.

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