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Kit turns any regular old bike into an e-bike

barak body

Electric bikes have taken the strain out of hills, but on the whole they don’t come cheap, with some even costing nearly as much as a car.

One man who knows this is Micah Toll, an expert in the field of e-bikes, who is now launching his own DIY conversion kit. He’s currently raising funds on Kickstarter, where he previously raised cash for a book about how to build your own e-bike. If there’s something to be known about how to electronically power a cycle, Micah knows it.

The kit is called Barak. Explained in the video below, it’s comprised of four parts: a battery which attaches to the frame; a controller, inside the battery housing; a motorised wheel which replaces your bike’s existing front wheel; and a throttle which goes over the handles and lets you adjust speed.

The kit comes in four parts

The kit comes in four parts

Conversion kits are already available, but speaking to CNET, Toll said: “I’ve used just about every e-bike part and kit out there. But after seeing so many low quality kits with over-rated specifications that often confuse or trick consumers, I decided I wanted to make my own e-bike that would offer not only great value, but better performance and range than many of the other products currently available.”

Fans of the kit can pick between 20-inch or 26-inch wheels, and either 350 or 500 watts of power. Set it up and you’ll give your bike a range of 32-49km (23-30 miles) on a battery that takes three hours to charge fully. Top speed is 32kph (20mph). As for price, we’re looking at $585 – $655 depending on power.

Read more about the Barak on its Kickstarter page.


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