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Future Tech: 

The lighter that helps you quit smoking

A Boston-based Kickstarter campaign is asking for $50,000 to market the world’s first ever cigarette lighter that tries to make you quit the habit.

Quitbit body

Counts how many cigarettes you’ve had per day

How does it work?

The Quitbit, which has spent over a year being developed, is billed as a “smart lighter and app that helps you understand your smoking” and has a display to feed you information on your tobacco rituals, such as when you last had a smoke and how many you’ve had that day.

It connects to your smartphone using Blutooth, where you can use the app to set reduction targets and see how much money you’ve saved by cutting back. Sometimes you don’t realise when you’re spending $12 a day that it adds up to over $4,000 a year, but the Quitbit delights in giving you the good news.

Just how bossy is it?

It’s up to you to quit, of course, but if you want you can set the gizmo, which lasts one week on a single charge (or about 100 lights), to automatically disable itself once you reach your daily target. This will probably see a lot of them thrown against walls in frustration, but clever nonetheless.

There’s even plans for a Quitbit community, where you can help other wannabe-quitters get a stranglehold on their habits.


Tells you how long since your last smoke

When can I get one?

If successful, the makers hope to ship to backers by December this year. At last glance the guys behind the Quitbit, some of whom are ex-smokers who had the idea for the gadget while studying at Brown University, had a fifth of their goal with four weeks to go. Interested? Donate or simply keep an eye on their progress on Kickstarter.

Photos: Quitbit

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