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Future Tech: 

The Lightfreq speaker: A nightclub in a lightbulb

lightfreq body

Turn every room in your house into a disco

LightFreq delivers the best combo since PB met Jelly

With the amazing LightFreq speaker smart bulb you can now, at long last, play your music through your light sockets. Or at least you will be able to if the company manages to raise its $50,000 crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter. With 29 days to go at the time of writing, there’s over $6,000 in the pot.

So what is it exactly?

It’s a Bluetooth HD audio speaker and mic, stuffed inside a color-changing lightbulb that shoots out 800 lumens in 16 million color combinations. It’s also fully smartphone-controllable. So you can control the color and hue, as well as your music volume and playback, courtesy of an Android or iPhone app.


Fully controllable via a smartphone app

So do I just need one?

The more the better, if you want to utilize the ‘follow me’ feature, which if you ask us is probably the coolest thing about the LightFreq. Activate the function and it will automatically switch on music in the room you’ve just danced into while switching off the music in the room you’ve just moonwalked from.

What’s the bulb like just as a light?

It has a standard fixture, so can just be easily fitted like a regular bulb. The company reports that each 17w unit has a 40,000 hour lifetime, as well as those previously mentioned 16 million colours. The speaker is 5w, and both speaker and light can be used independently of each other. It also has a mic, so can alert you to incoming calls and act as an intercom.

Sold! How much?

Either $50 if you get in very early, but only 50 at this price have been made available, or $70 and then $125 for a pair.

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