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Future Tech: 

Loogun is a new, more hygienic way to clean your toilet


It may look like a fancy vase, but it won’t come out smelling of roses

Let’s be honest, the toilet brush isn’t exactly elegant. Sure, it does its job well enough. But we can’t help but wonder, isn’t there something more hygienic, more aesthetically pleasing? If nothing else, something that’s easier to clean?

Enter The Loogun. As Mr. Spock might say, it’s a toilet cleaner but not as we know it. For starters, it looks like something designed by Philippe Starck or Terence Conran rather than something you’d use to scrape your throne with.

It’s also far more hygienic than a toilet brush. Instead of having bristles that retain all sorts of… debris, it sprays a jet of water to clean your pan. That means it won’t ever touch your toilet, so you won’t have to worry about it picking up any germs. It’s so hygienic, the makers claim, you can leave children alone to play with it. You won’t have to worry about them getting a faceful either, as it only sprays when pointed down. Very clever.

It’s so powerful it can even clean below the water level. It comes with a floor stand, and takes four AA batteries that won’t need replacing for nine months, though it depends how much you use it. Frequent curry eaters might find the batteries need replacing sooner.

The Loogun has been in development for two years and will hit Kickstarter in the coming weeks. The people behind it want it to replace the humble toilet brush in the next 10 years, so hopefully soon it’ll be bog-standard.

Edit: The Loogun Kickstarter was launched early due to popular demand, take a look!

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