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Lully: The under-the-bed pod that scares away night terrors


Now if they could only design the same thing for poor ol’ ted…

There we were thinking that hiding things under the bed kept children awake at night, but now Lully – a small pod-like device that is placed under the mattress – promises to curb your child’s night terrors and help them sleep like a baby.

When activated, Lully sends out vibrations to prevent a child from reaching the unhealthy stage of very deep sleep where night terrors can occur, and allows them to sleep through the night peacefully.

The device pairs with the Lully app on your smartphone via. Bluetooth, and will send a notification reminding you when to activate it. Once you’ve logged your child’s bedtime, the sleep-saving gizmo uses an algorithm to determine the time of night that the device needs activating. Once switched on, the device runs for about three minutes before turning itself off.

If you’re thinking that doesn’t sound very sophisticated, you’d be right. Luckily then, the developers are currently designing a more advanced Lully which is self activated, tracking your son or daughter’s sleep live and springing into action so you don’t have to.

Sadly for Android-owning parents, the device is only iOS compatible for now, but for those with Apple gadgets who are (literally) tired of being woken up by their child’s night terrors, Lully may be the solution you crave. Now, if only they’d shake a leg and get on with inventing something to cure our adult sleep problems, like snoring, once and for all.

Check out the video below for a closer look at the device in action.

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