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Future Tech: 

This magic button can send emails, order takeaways and more


Go on…push the button. You can’t resist the button.

Haven’t we all dreamed of a magic button for turning our wishes to commands? The bttn from The Button Corporation is what makes this dream as realistic as it gets – for now at least.

The bttn is a successor of Staples’ “Easy Button” – only this one has proper internet functionality.

A statement from the company explains how it works: “The bttn communicates with bttn servers, which then trigger the pre-set action. Technically, actions are counter updates, web page updates, twitter tweets, RSS feeds, IFTTT triggers, email, SMS messaging, or any combination thereof.”


Haven’t you pushed it yet? The button wants to be pushed.

So, what does it do?

Even though the button is designed with individual customers in mind, it seems that it has first attracted attention from the business world. Finnkino, a chain of movie theaters in Finland, has placed bttns on the walls to allow spectators the option to request help from staff without exiting the theater or causing havoc. Kajon Oy, a car service also located in Finland, has issued bttns to some of its elite clients so they can call a car by simply pushing the button.

What makes the button even more interesting is that the assigned task can change during the day. For example you can set the button to text your partner if pressed before 12 am and after that each press of the button could trigger an online order of your favorite food.

The button can also take action when it isn’t pressed. So, for example, if employees haven’t pressed it before 9 am, it could immediately send an email to the supervisor letting him know of who is not on time.

Interested? Pre-orders for the bttn start at 69€ via the company’s website.

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