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Future Tech: 

Watch this amazing augmented reality demo

Augmented reality is a little different to virtual reality. While virtual reality drops you into a completely new world, augmented reality superimposes virtual objects onto your view of the real world. As such, you don’t need to be completely closed off from the real world using a device like Oculus Rift, but can instead wear a set of enabled glasses like Google Glass.

Magic Leap is one of the most exciting companies working in augmented reality, and it’s just revealed some more details about what’s cooking. But first, check out this demo video of what it can do.

Pretty neat, eh?

The hardware is still under wraps, but according to Magic Leap’s founder Rony Abovitz, “Anything you can do on your smartphone, on your computer, you’ll be able to do on Magic Leap.”

Unlike Google Glass and Oculus Rift – and most wearables, for that matter – Magic Leap will be something you won’t be shy to wear in public. It will also maintain “normal relationships with people,” Abovitz said.

According to Abovitz, the aim is to have you interact with virtual objects completely naturally, as if they were in the real world. “With magic Leap, your brain doesn’t distinguish between what’s real and what’s Magic Leap. Because as far as your brain is concerned, it’s real.”

To start with, Magic Leap will focus on gaming, entertainment, media and communication, but the market will expand over time as developers get the hang of the new operating system. It has huge potential as an educational tool, for example. As Magic Leap’s Rio Caraeff puts it, “Ultimately it’s about letting the world visualize their dreams and live a magical life full of whimsy and wonder.”

The duo stopped short of announcing an actual shipping date. But they did say it wasn’t far off. Whimsy and wonder, here we come.

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