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Future Tech: 

The best way to catch a drone? With a drone!

It'll take a skilled pilot to catch another moving drone. Or maybe we're just really bad at flying drones.

It’ll take a skilled pilot to catch another moving drone. Or maybe we’re just really bad at flying drones.

To catch a drone, first you must think like a drone.

That’s the logic of French officials concerned about unidentified flying drones buzzing around military installations, nuclear plants and the presidential palace anyway.

For a high-tech problem, it’s a surprisingly low-tech solution: a drone with a net. Still, the pilots operating the DJI Phantom 2 in the video below are strikingly accurate at bringing their target to ground.

It cuts out before some sheepish neighborhood children come round, asking if they can have their drone back, we suspect. Not that our French would be good enough to follow the exchange anyway.

Why are they concerned enough to invent this 21st century game of cat-and-mouse to track down rogue drones? Drone flight is a popular recreational hobby, but authorities are concerned about the possible risks they present. “Terrorism, the invasion of privacy, the theft of industry secrets, and ‘damage to the credibility of public authorities, institutions or companies'”, claims the Daily Mail.

Or they could just be being flown by overenthusiastic hobbyists. You really can’t be sure until you catch one and interrogate it, we suppose.

Other possible solutions for catching stray flyers include radar systems that can distinguish them from birds, lasers to destroy them from range or communication-scrambling systems to block the remote controls within certain radiuses.

Poor old drones. It’s almost like they have something of an image problem…

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