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Future Tech: 

Mind control is possible at last!

Mind control

If you thought that the power of mind control was a mere pipedream, think again. The clever folks at Emotiv are on the cusp of such a dream with their new neuro-headset, submitted to us by Go Explorer reader Veronika Kubovičová.

The Emotive EEG device scans your brain for signals based on your thought process. The device then relays these signals back through a computer interface used to detect emotions.

What does this all mean? Well, you now have the power to train your mind into forcing the movement of certain objects.  The power of thought has been given new ground-breaking possibilities, and there is an array of potential applications of the Emotive EEG.

Just think, a disabled person could now potentially control a robotic limb to help them in their day-to-day lives, just through the power of thought. Mind control could even be used to help drivers be safer on the road as shown by the Royal Automotive Club of Australia. During their research, a signal sent from a distracted driver caused their car to actually slow down.

Mind control

This all looked a lot more simple in Star Wars

Based on all the research so far, there is scope for helping individuals who suffer from a number of conditions including ADHD, epilepsy and panic attacks.

Emotiv can be a huge asset in market research too, with the potential to tell whether or not you like a product without hassling you in person. That’s a win-win all round.

As with all new forms of technology on the market, there is undoubtedly a risk of threat, primarily in the form of brain spyware. Research in 2013 suggested that a single EEG signal could even reveal your bank account details.

The EEG headset is priced at $750 an also lets users conduct research from collected raw EEG data. The boundaries for future potential seem endless, but mind-control is officially on the agenda!

Watch the video below for a more detailed demonstration of the Emotive EEG.

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