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Future Tech: 

Noise-cancelling motorbike helmet leaves you with only the sounds you want


A motorbike helmet with an ‘ambient mode’ for a serene cycle ride.

Motorbikes are noisy things, but they’re even louder if you’re the rider. You could wear ear plugs, but as well as the wind, you’d block out sirens, car horns, and other warnings of what’s approaching. Instead, why not opt for this noise-cancelling motorbike helmet?

It’s called the Sena Intelligent Noise-Cancelling helmet, and it promises to only filter out useless and unwanted noise from the rider’s hearing spectrum.

Here’s how it works. It’s kitted out with four hidden microphones that intercept sound and transmit it to the central INC module in the lower back of the helmet. This calculates the appropriate wave patterns that will level out the noise – i.e. block it – and plays those wave patterns into the helmet’s ear cups.

Sena says it will limit sound below the 100dB level that’s harmful to hearing over sustained periods of time. But it’ll let through other sounds like horns, sirens and even the motorcycle’s engine.

It also has a handy Ambient Mode, which lets you talk to someone without taking the helmet off. Just press a button, and the microphones will transmit every word.

You can also add a Bluetooth communication system, so you can take calls from your phone – or listen to music wirelessly – while still wearing the helmet.

Despite all this tech, it weights just 3.5 lbs, making it one of the lightest full-face helmets available.

The helmet will go on sale early next year, with either a clear or tinted visor. We would go for the tinted.

Here’s a video explaining more about it:

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