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Future Tech: 

Mouse-Box squeezes an entire PC into your mouse


Really? You’re showing me a mouse?

Not just a mouse, it’s an entire PC, inside of a mouse – and all you need is a monitor to make it work. Designed in Poland by Nokia engineer Przemysław Strzelczyk, Mouse-Box takes the idea of compact computers to their logical extreme, squeezing the components into a familiar shape that will look right at home on your desk.

The Mouse-Box prototype works just like a regular mouse, but it also contains a 1.4GHz ARM processor, 128 GB of flash storage, two USB ports and Wi-Fi connectivity. There’s also a micro HDMI port in the front, so all you need to get it running is a screen and a keyboard if you want to type.

Okay, Mouse-Box – so why do I want this?

The key selling point of Mouse-Box is obviously portability, but while a price hasn’t yet been decided, the team also says it’s likely to be “very cheap”. This makes it a great solution for staying connected on-the-go, or – as the company suggests – flipping easily between a work PC and your personal Mouse-Box computer. Crafty.

The Mouse-Box website explains: “From now on, you don’t need to buy a few devices to keep your computer always at hand. Mouse-Box uses the power of a mouse, an invariable component in a computer set for many years. By virtue of placing a computer in a mouse, the two most powerful elements have been combined in one unity. Precision, comfort and portability are the three most significant features of Mouse-Box.”

The team is looking for a partner to secure the funding it needs to complete the project, and it also stated it is developing a mouse mat that doubles as a wireless charging pad for the device. Find out more on the Mouse-Box website, and let us know what you make of it in the comments below.

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