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Murata’s robotic cheerleaders dance in perfect unison

Robot cheerleaders

Dance moves you would be jealous of!

A couple of months ago we met the South Korean baseball team that was replacing its fans with robot surrogates. Now, meet the robot cheerleaders from Murata Manufacturing, which can dance in perfect unison while balancing on a ball.

Standing at 36 cm tall and weighing 1.5 kg, the cheerleaders employ gyroscopic technology, sensors, ultrasonic microphones and inverted-pendulum control technology to synchronize their dancing routines. The Murata cheerleaders come as the newer addition to a developing line of similar products such as the bicycle-riding Murata Boy, that dates back as far as 1991, and the unicyclist Murata Girl, demonstrated in 2008.

According to Murata the project’s main purpose is to illustrate the infinite possibilities of electronics. The cheerleaders act more as brand ambassadors and less as viable products. The company plans to officially demonstrate its impressive team of robots at the Ceatec tech expo in Tokyo from Oct. 7 to 11. For now, though, make do with the video below.

‘The Murata Cheerleaders showcase the ability of electronics to enrich our lives,’ said Yuichi Kojima, senior vice president and deputy director of Murata’s Technology and Business Development Unit in an interview with Daily Mail. ‘We believe the wireless communication of sensor data could become a core infrastructure for the advanced integration of people and objects in smart societies.’

The real value of this project comes in the possible future uses of the technology involved. As Koichi Yoshikawa, a Murata engineer involved in the making of the cheerleaders, said in an interview with Business Standard, the same technology “could be used in rescue robots that perform group tasks at disaster sites.”

So, from cheerleading to road rescue – let us know what you make of Murata’s latest creation in the comment box below.

Photos: Murata

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