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Future Tech: 

Navdy heads-up display ‘like driving in the future’

Navdy uses jet fighter tech

Navdy uses jet fighter tech

Driving while trying to use your phone is both tricky and dangerous. From magic stands to bluetooth devices and car-operated apps, we’ve exhausted every option in our efforts to safely combine driving with phone interaction. Until now…

Navdy is a new device by Doug Simpson – who describes it as like driving in the future – that makes your car’s front window a screen, frees up your hands and lets you stay connected with your phone without losing track of the road.

What separates Navdy from anything we’ve seen before is that it can be used on any car dashboard and provide a high resolution display that doesn’t hinder your ability to see the road behind it. The device, which replicates the technology used by pilots when landing a plane, plugs into your vehicle’s on-board computer and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It will then allow you to receive calls, respond to messages and get navigation directions without having to let hold of the steering wheel. Cool, right?

The Navdy is currently in the process of a month long pre-ordering campaign and you can grab one for $200 less than the retail price. So if you’ve been as impressed as we have with this gizmo that will make you feel like you’re part of Minority Report then chip in the campaign to make it happen.

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