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Future Tech: 

Never lose your sunglasses again… or at least not for long

The rule is that if you buy any pair of sunglasses worth more than $10, you’ll leave them in a bar/restaurant/cab within one month of purchase. Well, not anymore.

smartglass1 body

The James Dean design will ‘balance out fuller jaws’

Sydney-based wearable technology company, Tzukuri, has developed a new pair of spectacles that will never get left behind. The smart glasses utilize Apple’s iBeacon tech to pair with a nearby iPhone, so they can send notifications about their position. You can even have notifications go off for every 15 feet you stray from them.

If that’s not enough, if you suddenly realise your shades aren’t on your head, you can open the Tzukuri app to see their location on a map. They use Bluetooth Low Energy – a technology that draws very little power – meaning they’ll keep charged and won’t drain your iPhone’s battery.

smart glass2 body

The Tom Ford design will ‘soften strong and angular features’

As you can see, the glasses haven’t got that ‘futuristic dentist’ look of some smart specs (we’re looking at you, Google Glass). They’re actually quite cool. Handmade in Japan and available in black or tortoise coloring, Tzukuri has based the six designs on iconic figures John F. Kennedy, Tom Ford, Atticus Finch, Grace Kelly, Truman Capote and James Dean. They each come in three sizes.

Smartglasses app

The app sends you notifications for every 15 feet you stray

They’re available for pre-order for $249 and will ship in March 2015, giving you plenty of time to work out which bar you’ve left your iPhone in.

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