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A new app is here to help you enjoy the Moment

No more cheating! Moment knows how much time you used your phone

Nowhere to hide! Moment knows exactly how much time you spend using your phone

Ever been accused of being addicted to your smartphone? Well, now you can finally put it to the test.

In its most simple terms, Moment is a new app that aims to track our daily mobile usage. Users can set daily limits and the app will notify them when they come close to reaching them or when they surpass their daily minutes.

The app works silently in the background, logging the time you spend on your phone and keeping you updated as and when required. There’s very little actual interaction with the app itself – after all, spending too much time fiddling around on your phone kind of defeats the point.

moment app

Looks familiar? I might be time to download Moment

Moment’s creator Kevin Holesh explains his logic behind creating the app;

“I wrote Moment for myself. I find myself ignoring my family and friends in favor of my iPhone. Sometimes that’s okay, like when I’m looking up who starred in Men In Black with Will Smith on IMDB, but I really should be concentrating on the present moment and the people I love around me.

“I designed Moment not to encourage you to smash your iPhone with a hammer and never pick it up again. My goal was to find a balance of connected and disconnected that was right for me.”

Moment might sound like a very simple concept – and it is – but it can also benefit us a great deal. Smartphone technology has improved our lives in countless ways, but Moment is the app that tells us when to pull back, helping us strike a happy balance between the digital world and the real one.

Photos: Moment

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