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Future Tech: 

Got a new phone? Download these apps now!

If you got a new phone for Christmas, you probably want to see what it can do. Once you’ve played around with the settings and taken a few photos with the camera, it’s time to start loading it up with apps. But which should be first? We’ve scoured the app stores to bring you the finest apps for your smartphone. Download them now, and you’ll supercharge your mobile.



The iPhone’s camera is one of the best around, but combined with this app, it has nigh on superpowers. It’s an amazingly powerful photo editing tool, like Adobe Photoshop but built for those of us who aren’t graphic designers.

In other words, the learning curve is nice and gentle, and it’s so intuitive you’ll be getting pro-style results in no time. You can fine-tune the tone, colour and details, blend effects, add filters, and give your snaps an artistic flourish by playing with the film intensity, grain and fade. It’s the last photo editor you’ll ever need.

Available on iOS.

Heads Up!


Sometime the old games are the best. This brings the classic Who Am I? game into the 21st century, without a Post-It or Sharpie in sight.

It’s amazingly simple. You pick a category, then hold the phone to your forehead. A name appears on the screen, and the other players have to describe who it is. Get it right, and you tilt the phone forward. Want to pass? Tilt it back. You can buy more categories using in-app purchases, and Ellen is on hand to oversee proceedings, just like the game on her TV show. Great fun for all the family.

Available on Android and iOS.



What about a photo editor aimed squarely at portraits and selfies? That’s Facetune. It’ll let you perfect your smile, whiten and brighten your teeth, smoothen out any blemishes on your skin and get rid of those bags under your eyes. You can also remove stray hairs, heighten your cheek bones and generally give yourself a bit of a nip and tuck. It’s simple to use, and to share your photos using social media. Just don’t tell anyone you use it.

Available on Android and iOS.



If you’re yet to join in the craze of the year, now’s your chance. This app lets you pick a sound, and record a video of yourself miming along to it. Then you just hit share and post it online. You can choose from thousands of famous and not-so-famous quotes, and share your creations through Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and the plain old Message app. Still not convinced? YouTube a few and see how much fun it is.

Available on Android or iOS.



Here’s proof smartphones aren’t making us less intelligent. Medium is a publishing platform with long-form content in mind, though it also caters to shorter reads. Whatever you’re interested in, be it poetry, essays or journalism, there’s a ton of Medium posts to tickle your fancy. Sign up and you’ll get a personalised reading list, based on what the people you follow are reading, writing and recommending.

You can write and publish to it from anywhere using your phone, and highlight and recommend certain passages you consider pertinent. Whoever said smartphones were killing reading?

Available on Android or iOS.



Coloring in isn’t just for kids. It can prove remarkably therapeutic for adults too. This app gives you new pictures ever week, then it’s up to you to color them in.

Those who use it note a markable drop in anxiety and stress levels, and that time seems to fly by when they’re coloring. You can also view pictures colored by other users all over the world, and you don’t need an internet connection to use it, so you can color in wherever you are. It’s your new commuter activity.

Available on Android or iOS.



The world’s best urban transport app just keeps getting better. It’s now available in dozens of cities all over the world, including New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Singapore, London and Mexico City. Recent updates include moving buses on maps, one-touch access to all information from a station or stop, and the ability to save your favourite bus lines for easy access from the City page. It’s the only way to get around.

Available on Android or iOS.

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