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Future Tech: 

New stickers by Estimote can read your surroundings


Smart stickers can track activity, launch applications, set alarms and more

How excited would you feel about a gizmo that isn’t designed for a specific purpose, but changes its functionality according to its surroundings? Confused? Allow us to explain.

Instroducing Estimote stickers, a development of the company’s original beacon project that connects your things to the internet and tells you more about your environment.

Estimote has launched a developer kit for interested parties to create powerful new experiences, and the possibilities are almost endless. For instance, the stickers could be used in a scenario where you want to monitor information about your biking activity by placing one on your bike. Alternatively, by placing a sticker next to your bed you are linking the information on your phone with the sticker’s ability to read context. If, for example, you have a 9am meeting on your calendar, due to the sticker your phone knows that your context is still the bedroom and will make sure to wake you up a few minutes earlier to avoid traffic.

Steve Cheney, Estimote co-founder and SVP of Business, told TechCrunch: “The challenge is, if you’re going to sell something to anything including developers, ultimately you need to create long-term value. We need the hardware to work wherever customers want to put it and to be robust and so we can’t actually compromise any of the design. It’s kind of why just buying Beacon hardware off of Alibaba doesn’t really work.”

The stickers can essentially act as your phone’s pair of eyes, giving it awareness of what is happening around it and the ability to interact with other machines to give you the best result. The potential is huge and we couldn’t be more excited about where this could go!

Estimote’s stickers are now available for pre-order with a pack of 10 devices costing $99.

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