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Future Tech: 

Next Glass app is your matchmaker for beer and wine


Next Glass plays cupid to match you with the perfect beer or wine

We’ve all been there – you’re standing in the store before a wall of alcohol, overwhelmed by rows of bottles with exotic labels. You’ve been here an uncomfortable amount of time – your friends are waiting and employees are beginning to look at you suspiciously. Panicking, you grab the most familiar-looking bottle and make your way to the checkout, already full of regret and mourning for the beers that could have been.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Next Glass is a new app that will help take the pain out of your wine and beer shopping, using your phone’s camera to scan drinks labels and compare their DNA to your favorite tipples. Once a bottle is scanned, the app acts as your devoted matchmaker, displaying a compatibility rating to help you make the right choice as well as additional information like sugar levels and alcohol content. It’s romantic, sort of.

Here’s how it works;

Once you’ve downloaded Next Glass, you’ll first be asked to rate your favorite drinks so the app can get to know your taste. Compatibility ratings will get better the more you drink – that’s not a challenge, by the way – so remember to keep rating each new bottle you try through the app.

Next Glass also allows you to connect with other users, so if you’re shopping for friends their compatibility ratings will appear alongside yours when you scan a drink. The app has more than 23,000 different bottles of beer and wine in its memory, each chemically tested to help guide your purchase.

To try out Next Glass for yourself, download the app now for free on Android or iOS.

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