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Future Tech: 

Samsung smart bike has a camera and lasers (yes, lasers!)

2014 looks set to be the year of the smart bike – but which one is the smartest? This Samsung cycle is definitely one to keep an eye on – for starters, it comes equipped with actual lasers.

Samsung’s been working on a smart bike for some time, combining forces with Maestros Academy which incorporates design, engineering, and tech at its best – including cameras, and yes, laser beams.


Control the bike’s lasers from a smartphone strapped to the handlebars

The design team placed safety high up their list when crafting the Samsung smart bike, aiming to reduce the number of cyclists involved in accidents each year.

To achieve this goal, the company installed four bike-attached lasers, capable of projecting a virtual bike lane onto the road to create a sense of spacing between you and other drivers.

To the front and center of the bike there is a magnetic smartphone mount where you can strap your Galaxy phone on and activate the app to control the bike’s systems.

The bike also features LED lighting for riding in the dark and an impressive rear-view camera that connects to your phone so you can safely keep track of traffic as it approaches from behind.

The smart bike pairs via Bluetooth with your phone through Arduino. The Samsung app also has the classic social and fitness options that previous smart bikes have introduced us to. You can have a trajectory of your rides and share them with other smart bike users and even keep track of how many people are on the same path as you in real time action.

Will this concept bike ever come to existence? We don’t know but we surely hope so because it looks amazing.

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