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Future Tech: 

Ocean Spiral: Our New Underwater Home To Be Completed By 2030


Going down? Underwater city can plunge to depths of 2.5 miles

As NASA sets its sights on Mars, Jupiter and the The Sun, one Japanese architecture firm has unveiled its plans to build an enormous underwater city that it believes could be completed by 2030.

The Shimizu’s Corporation‘s ‘Ocean Spiral’ would ordinarily operate above the surface, but is capable of submerging underwater in stormy weather or, presumably, whenever the inhabitants fancy a dip. The community itself would exist in a water-tight dome that could be called home by up to 5,000 lucky sea-dwellers, connected to a 9 mile spiral that stretches down to the ocean floor. Shimizu explained that it plans to build a deep-sea ‘earth factory’ here, where it can harvest natural resources for energy and materials. The company claims that micro organisms called ‘methanogens’ could be used to convert carbon dioxide into methane, while hydraulic pressure could be used to produce desalinated drinking water.

The Ocean Spiral would in theory be one of a series of similar structures, each costing $25 billion to build. Should all go to plan – and what could possibly go wrong? – construction would begin in 2025.


Each Ocean Spiral would cost $25 billion to build

Undaunted by its own ambition, Shimizu also plans to build the vast structures using industrial-sized 3D printers. Each underwater globe would be 500 metres in diameter, with room for homes, businesses and even hotels for visitors.

The Shimizu Corporation is among the top 20 contractors in the world and is no stranger to outlandish concepts. As well as Ocean Spiral, a section on its website titled Shimizu’s Dream also features the following projects;

The Space Hotel


Shimizu says: “The Space Hotel is a large-scale space structure consisting of a 240km-long elevator shaft and four functional elements. Even non-trained people can enjoy staying in the Space Hotel in Low Earth Orbit”

Desert Aqua-Net


Shimizu says: “The Desert Aqua-Net plans to create waterways in the desert, transforming arid and semiarid areas into inhabitable land. This plan (which is still in the simulation stage) ultimately seeks to build cities on manmade islands that have been formed on seawater lakes.”

Pyramid City in the Air


Shimizu says: “TRY 2004 is a conceptual “city in the air” designed to make the most of nature’s blessings, including wind and sunlight, and to serve as a home and workplace for about one million people.”

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