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Future Tech: 

Onyx wearable brings Star Trek-style communication to life

Onyx walkie talkie for trekkies

Onyx is like a walkie talkie with unlimited range

Your smartphone may have conquered the art of communication, but admit it – you won’t be truly satisfied until you can tap-to-talk as simply as Star Trek’s Captain Picard.

If that rings true, then Onyx is the wearable communicator you’ve been waiting for. The circular device from OnBeep is about the size of a yo-yo, pairing with your smartphone via bluetooth to connect you to your pals at the push of a button. “Where are you guys at?” “Can somebody bring me a sandwich?” – that sort of thing.

Just like in Star Trek, the Onyx communicator clips to your clothing with a central button for initiating conversation. There are also switches for volume, power and muting the device, as well as LEDs that light up to show your status. Onyx lights green when you’re talking, blue when free and yellow while on mute.

Only star trek communication

Star Trek-style communication in the palm of your hand

Who can I communicate with?

Anyone who owns an Onyx can create a network via a dedicated smartphone app, with up to 15 people per group before things start to get messy. You can go halves with a friend to purchase a pair of devices for $195, or buy just one for $99 – although we have a feeling that’ll get lonely pretty quickly.

In essence, Onyx works just like a walkie talkie – except it’s not limited by distance so you can be confident you’ll stay within range. Onyx-users can even use the device to communicate between continents or, for instance, across multiple offices within a single company.

Shelling out for hardware might seem frivolous in the age of free apps like Skype, What’s App and Google Hangouts, but Onyx probably isn’t looking to reinvent communication. Instead, this is a chance for Trekkies to tap their chests and bring their favorite show to life.

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