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Future Tech: 

Order a pizza with the push of a button

Just push the button and have the pizza delivered at no time!

Just push the button and have the pizza delivered at no time!

Push for Pizza, a new pizza delivery app might just be the most revolutionizing thing in the pizza world since the invention of pizza itself! The app is brilliant in its simplicity: It’s basically a well organized, more efficient way to order pizza on your phone.

Veggie Volcano lovers will not like what we’re about to say: Push for Pizza links up to all the pizzerias in your area and gives you a selection of either plain, or pepperoni. Maybe a later update can improve on this killer ordering idea, offering a wider selection of pizza toppings.

All you need to do after that is enter your house address and credit card information, and the pizza will be delivered to your door. It can even add the tips for you.

You can see a lot more about the app from Maximilian Hellerstein and Cyrus Summerlin of the NYC-based apparel line Dead Heart in this promotional video.

Push for Pizza is building on an emerging pizza delivery technology that already offers some one-button solutions to the ordering process. These include services such as PiePal, an “emergency pizza button” that lets you order a preprogrammed pizza from Domino’s, and the Red Tomato Pizza magnet, a push-button magnet that allows you to order a pie from the Red Tomato Pizza chain in Dubai.

For all those who are trying to cut pizza out of their diet things have become very hard. The ease and speed this app adds to the process of ordering a deep pan makes it even harder to resist the devilishly yummy triangular holders of molten cheese.

Download, test and let us know what you think.

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