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Future Tech: 

This incredible connected plant pot waters itself


This week at CES 2015 we’ve seen a self-driving Mercedes from the future, a living room chair that keeps you fit, a fridge magnet that makes phone calls, and now – a plant pot.

Okay, obviously this isn’t any ordinary plant pot, arriving courtesy of Parrot, the French company best known for VR-enabled drones and high-tech headphones. Their latest product – simply named ‘Pot’ – is a connected bluetooth container that not only knows when your plants are thirsty, but will even water them for you.

The Parrot Pot comes equipped with sensors for reading moisture, temperature and fertilisation within the soil, while it can hold up to two liters of water which should last about three weeks. That makes it just about perfect for any length of holiday on which you care whether your house plants live or die.

Like all the other smart products in your connected home, Pot also comes with an app. So, while you’re within bluetooth distance you can check in on your beloved fern, cactus or geranium and see how it’s doing, feeding it water at the push of a button. You can also set it to water your plant on a timer while you’re away.

The unveiling of Pot at CES 2015 follows Flower Power last year, which was a simple a sensor that sticks into the soil. Clearly Parrot are taking the health of our plants VERY seriously.

The company’s website explains: “Using state-of-the-art sensors, the Parrot Pot’s smart irrigation system waters your plant precisely when it needs it, using exactly the right amount of water every time. With a database of over 8,000 different plants, the pot provides users targeted, plant-specific, and situation-specific advice about how to best care for their plants.”

So there you have it. No price or release date has been announced as yet, but Parrot promises more information in the near future.

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