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Parrot unveils VR-enabled drone

Parrot body

Parrot’s most advanced drone yet

The French flying machine manufacturer has launched Bebop, its most technologically advanced drone to date.

The ultimate flying camera

According to the makers of 2012’s AR.Drone, the new contraption is essentially a “flying camera”, featuring a 180-degree fish-eye lens and capable of taking 14-megapixel still pictures. It also shoots Full HD 1080p video and has smart 3-axes stabilization, meaning the viewing angle is fixed regardless of the drone’s inclination, or the movements caused by turbulence.

As well as the cameras, it packs four-antenna Wi-Fi, so you can stay in contact on the ground from up to 300m away and transmit live streaming video of what Bebop sees on your mobile device.

It also has safety in mind, with the propellers stopping automatically if shocked, and an emergency mode allowing you to land it immediately. It also has a Return Home function thanks to its GPS capabilities.

Shrink yourself into the cockpit


Plug the Skycontroller into Oculus Rift for a VR flying experience

We’ve saved the two most innovative Bebop features until last. Parrot is releasing something called the Skycontroller, which can be used with or without a tablet. It provides realistic yoke-style flying controls, plus an extra Wi-Fi boost. Simply plug an Oculus Rift VR headset into the Skycontroller and boom – you’re airborne!

The Bebop is due on sale by the end of the year with prices still to be announced, but when it launches it’ll be one of the best aerial photography gadgets going.

Photos: Parrot
  • Daisy Carpenter


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