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Future Tech: 

This pen lets you use any color in the world

How would you feel if you could conquer every color available on this planet? The Scribble pen is here to make that happen, letting to possess every shade made available by man or nature.

This new super-pen is part of a Kickstarter project and has smashed its goal of $100,000, already raking in more than $340,000 in pledges with 33 days to go. Not too shabby, right?

What's the color on this wall? Creme? Ecru? Let me just scan it!

What’s the color on this wall? Creme? Ecru? Let me just scan it!

The pen lets you scan any color, from any surface and let you recreate it instantly. Whether it’s a fruit, a piece of paper or the wall, the pen has the ability to read and store the color configuration. The ink-cartridge in the pen will then mix the right proportions of colored ink to recreate the exact same hue you scanned.

Two versions available

In a world where everything is digital, Scribble couldn’t just win popularity by just being a physical pen. There will be two versions, the Scribble INK and Scribble STYLUS. The INK will reproduce colors like a regular pen on paper surfaces and store up to 100,000 unique colors whereas the STYLUS is designed to be used on computer and tablet screens.

The pen is paired with an app to let you view your stored colors, your ink-cartridge levels and even share your color range with friends.

From children making their first attempt at a painting, to graphic and product designers, architects and interior designers, this gizmo could enhance both playtime and work for a wide variety of users.

As an early backer you will get 20 percent off the intended price of $149.95 for the INK version and $79.95 for the STYLUS if you chip in through Kickstarter. Shipping is estimated for May 2015.

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