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Future Tech: 

Personal drink ID comes to save your night

drink ID date rape flashes red when your drink has been spiked

Drink spiking is still a very serious problem in the US, and yet prevention methods have remained unchanged for years. That could all be about to change, however, with a new piece of tech no bigger than a pack of gum.

Part of an Indiegogo campaign aiming to raise $100,000, founder J. David Wilson and his team have created, which is short for Personal Drink ID. The invention can be submerged into any drink and if a contaminant is traced, it will blink a red signal to warn you. The hardware uses similar technology that the US DEA has employed for years, just on a smaller scale.

“Sexual assault is a problem affecting women of all ages. In North America, one in four women in their lifetime will be sexually assaulted and 25 per cent of those assaults are facilitated by alcohol or what are commonly referred to as ‘date rape drugs,'” said Wilson. “The sheer number of affected women that have approached me to tell me their own stories is what┬áinspired the development of the, a reliable, re-usable and instant device that provides a user with a form of protection and insurance against date rape drugs.”

If the $100,000 is raised, the product will most probably be on sale within six months, at a price of $75. To the relief of buyers, the gear is reusable, so could be used to keep you safe throughout an entire night.

The project is not only smart but it could potentially be the solution to a greater problem tantalizing modern society. It’s not the ideal solution, but it will afford you some peace of mind.

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