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Future Tech: 

Pocketscan: The world’s smallest wireless scanner


Measuring at barely larger than a business card and weighing very little, PocketScan is the world’s smallest wireless scanner.

The device seamlessly glides over any document – whether it’s a photograph, an excel spreadsheet or a piece of text – scanning it directly to your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.


PocketScan will also scan things that wouldn’t ordinarily fit your traditional scanner. As you roll the scanner over a particular document, the device uses unique and patented real-time image processing software, creating stunning scans.

What’s more, it can also turn texts and tables into editable content. Scanning a piece of text? Start making changes to that very same document in Word. The same goes for tables in Excel. You’re in complete control with this nifty little device, which has received almost six times its Kickstarter target.

The creators are hoping to have delivered their first batch to investors by the Christmas period, and boy does that equate to a lot of deliveries. With only 18 days to go at time of writing, the project already enjoys the backing of 2,598 individuals who collectively believe in the potential of PocketScan.

However, there’s till time to get involved yourself, and if you feel generous, the designers are offering rewards from polo shirts to swanky dinner and hotel packages. Yes, that ‘scanning’ themed polo shirt you always wanted is at last within your grasp.

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